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Jawaparts near Umeå?

Postat: ons aug 12, 2015 10:01 pm
av Noel_TS
Hi all, sorry for not speaking Swedish yet!
My question: where in the Umeå area can I get parts for maintenance?

The last month I've been traveling with my Jawa from the Netherlands to Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Czech Republic, Germany again, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
It was a broken Jawa 638 I bought for 170€, combined with parts of a broken 640 I bought for a case of beer. After a lot of working hours and a Vape kit the bike was ready, so I packed and loaded with all I have, to start a new life in Umeå at the University.


Now the Jawa starts to get problems, needs some love and care :) minor things, like the airfilter is not OK anymore, as well as the air-inlet rubber which has hardened. Do you know where to order parts in Sweden so I can do the maintenance? Don't have an adress yet, so that makes webshop orders difficult.
Tack in advanced!!
Marc Noël

Re: Jawaparts near Umeå?

Postat: tor aug 13, 2015 11:44 am
av Andercz
Marc, verry wellcome to Sweden, and to this forum.
I am sorry to say that there is no place in Sweden where you can buy JAWA parts directly over the counter.

The closest is by Rudolf Saxegaard, in Norway. He sells and posts parts all over the place.
He speaks and understands English verry well. Telephone is the quickest way, still...

Rudolf Saxegaard
Hemnes i Høland
Mobile: 0047 93 01 10 87

But you will need an address for delivery. Can you still use "poste restante"? I have to find out.
Well, it seems you can still use Poste restante, all you have to do is to find out the post code for the nearest post office in Umeå.
When you order your parts, tell the seller to address it like this:

Mr Noël
Poste Restante
XXXXX Umeå ( Post code Umeå)

Or ask a class mate to use his/ her address temporarily or inquire by the "student help service" if there is any such...

Secondly, Jawa Club Sweden has a few members around Umeå. I will forward your letter if they can help, at least as Addresses/ "goal keepers". I would presume they have read this here as well..

Dont give up! You have done it so far, on an Overloaded JAWA...

Best regards


Re: Jawaparts near Umeå?

Postat: tor aug 13, 2015 1:28 pm
av Andercz
Below are a few postal service addresses you may use for Poste Restante, that are close to University Campus ... 851&rlha=0

Posten Meddelande AB
Postal activities under universal service obligation
Adress: Umestan 140, 903 47 Umeå

PostNord Utlämningsställe
Adress: Istidsgatan 40, 906 55 Umeå

Good luck


Re: Jawaparts near Umeå?

Postat: tor aug 13, 2015 3:38 pm
av Noel_TS
Thank you for the warm welcome over email and over here! :)
Had some troubles making an account first not understanding the Swedish in the anti-robot question, or giving the answers in English ;)
I'll keep you informed about the Jawa, first some basic maintenance now, have some new spark cables, cleaned the carburettor and kran. In the evening I've an appointment with somebody renting an appartment, so maybe the adress-problem gets solved soon :) after that appointment I'll drive a bit north to meet fellow Jawa enthusiast Kent.

Re: Jawaparts near Umeå?

Postat: tor aug 13, 2015 4:40 pm
av Andercz
Verry GOOD!

I think I do have the rubber connection for your carb on my shelf, however there are two types, one for 638 that is a bit S-shaped, and one for 640 that is a straight funnel like thing.. I have the latter one.
I know I dont have the air filter.

Give my regards to Kent.