Nejonöga-festival i Lettland, 21 - 23 Augusti 2015

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Nejonöga-festival i Lettland, 21 - 23 Augusti 2015

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Ihave new informacion about Ours jawaklubs festival. We be glad se You and Swedish camarad in Ours Festival.
Carnikava 2015.jpg
Information about “Carnikava lamprey”.

The so-called “Carnikava lamprey” is a lamprey (Lampetra fluviatilis) which is caught in a certain region: on the River Gauja within the territory of the District of Carnikava. (Lamprey = Flodnejonöga; Fisk, Flodnejonöga är en ryggsträngsdjursart som först beskrevs av Carl von Linné 1758. Flodnejonöga ingår i släktet Lampetra och familjen nejonögon. IUCN kategoriserar arten globalt som livskraftig)
Fishermen have plied their trade in Carnikava for centuries. Lamprey fishing was one of the main sources of income for Carnikava Manor, which was built in the 17th century. In the early 19th century, plentiful supplies of Carnikava lamprey could be found in both Warsaw and Berlin. Today, Carnikava is the only place along the banks of the River Gauja where lamprey fishing is still permitted.
Facts and appearance: a slim, long snake-like cyclostome with a bare body whose mouth is like a sucker; the lamprey has no ventral or pectoral fins. It can reach a length of 52 cm and weight of 250 g, while its spinal area and the upper side are dark bluish green, bluish grey or greenish brown, while the lower side and ventral region are grey, golden or white. They live for up to seven years and spawn in rivers, and also spend from one to three years of lives living in the sea. Migrations distancing of up to 250 km and relocation speeds of 13 km in 24 hours have been observed.
Lamprey spawn from May to June at depths ranging from 0.2 to 1.5 m. The male forms a redd - a nest which is deepened by the female who then deposits the eggs there. From one to six males spawn in the company of a single female. They spawn only once during the course of their lifetimes. Approximately two weeks after spawning, the female dies.
Preparation: can be cooked in various ways (fried, grilled or served in a soup or salad), but the best known recipe in the District of Carnikava is charcoal grilled lamprey.

Lamprey Festival is happening only in Carnikava Municipality - in the Kingdom of Lamprey. The Festival symbolizes lamprey fishing season opening. Festival participants and guests can enjoy variety of activities - sports, boat parade, musicians, concerts etc.
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